Introducing BRFrame

AI Prebuild Service & Automated Machine Learning Leader

BRframe provides accurate, fast and easy AI service.

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Who BRFrame Is

BRframe provides accurate, fast and easy AI service.

BRFrame Co., Ltd. provides "Device" and "AI Service" combined with [IoT + Edge + AI] to support detection service to make accurate and quick decisions without interruption.

IoT Edge AI Gateway Device" with BRFrame's AI model provides automatic understanding of various device data (Vision & Non-Vision) and AI model based on unsupervised learning, and it is installed in edge device, To provide rapid detection through automatic preprocessing.

Our Main Skills

We have knowlege & skills at Machine Learing and Data Analysis

Detection & Segmetation
Anomaly Detection & Analysis
Demand Forecast & Analysis
Data Analysis on IoT & Big Data Platform

Our Services

We provide products and prebuild services for IoT-based AI

IoT Edge Gateway

  • Gateway with AI model mounted
  • Connected with autonomous device such as drone, robot etc
  • Provides an environment that can be performed without an Internet

AI Model

  • Pre-Build model proven by domain
  • Unsupervised pattern detection model
  • Vision detection
  • Anomaly detection(Pattern, Vision)

AI Service

  • Management/Monitoring Service
  • Machine Fault Prediction Service
  • Device Provisioning Service
  • Predictive Maintenance Service

"Around 10% of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. By 2022, Gartner predicts this figure will reach 75%"

(Gartner edge computing)

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